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"I've never had bison. What do you recommend?"

This is a question we get all the time! Of course my initial response is super simple. I love all things bison. I have had bison brisket, ribs, roasts, steaks, burgers, hot dogs, brats, breakfast sausage and so much more!

Bison can usually be used in place of beef in any recipe. Tacos, spaghetti, chili just to name a few. A bison roast is incredible in a crock pot and I actually have one cooking now.

I have asked many people to help me explain the flavor. Some of the most common answers are that Bison is not earthy nor does it have a wild game flavor. It does have a rich, sometimes sweet, full red meat flavor. Afterall it is America's Original Red Meat. In fact it is America's Original Plant Based Meat according to the National Bison Association!

Before we get to my personal recommendation, let's focus on why choose bison? Afterall it is generally more expensive than beef. Besides the flavor, a lot of bison ranchers consist of 50 animals or less. In fact, smaller herds make up a large number of the 500,000 head of bison in the US. With a manageable herd size, consumers can be confident in the way bison are raised and processed. Arguably the best reason to choose bison is the health benefit of eating bison. I am NOT making any medical claims. We have a handful of repeat customers that have been told to take beef out of their diet and take an iron supplement OR switch to bison. WOW!

My recommendation for a new bison meat eater, is to go with a good ol' bison burger. The best way to prepare a bison burger is to cook it medium to medium rare. If you over cook this extremity lean meat, it will dry out. I always caution to not over salt as the meat does not have enough fat to render out. Bison meat is very good when cooked slow and low. A lower temp grill for a longer time will definitely yield an incredible burger. If you are in a hurry, grill at a higher temp but be sure to babysit your bison burger! The BEST WAY TO RUIN YOUR BISON MEAT is to overcook it! If you really want to get the full flavor of bison, go easy on the toppings! Let that meat shine.

Happy Cooking!

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