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Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Here at the ranch we see the signs of spring all around us. The robins and red-wing black birds made their appearance a month ago. They made themselves known by their chirping and swooping about.

The small ground rodents which we call grinnies have come out of hiding. Most often taunting our little rat terrier. I catch sight of the furry animals outside just looking at the poor dog going crazy inside separated only by a piece of glass.

The smell of the air has changed from crisp, cold and sterile to a sweet life giving smell. Funny how quickly the smell of grass fills the air when some of it is still dormmate. The fruit and flowering trees have small buds packing the promise of beautiful flowers, leaves and eventually apples emerging! The lilacs’ harvest is one I am sure not going to miss this year as I often do when life gets too busy.

Pregnant bison bellies are getting bigger and lower. Mamas are walking slower and concentrating on their steps a tad more. Our bulls are getting playful and already trying to impress the ladies in which they will be breeding again in just a few short months.

The herd is locked in their winter pasture and instinctively know that it is almost time to go to the grazing prairie of their summer home. Every morning they wait at the gate hoping that today just might be the day the gates swing open and they can roam more freely just as God intended.

Breaking up the ice on top of their water is in the past for now. Or in the distant future. The layers and layers of clothing are no longer needed when taking fresh feed to the animals. The day-to-day activities around here now focus more on visitors and tours and keeping the ranch looking beautiful, a welcome change.

The farm ground is crawling with big green and yellow equipment. Planting season is officially in swing. Lots of husbands, dads and grandpas are a scarce sight as they work day and night to get the crops in the ground.

As I sit here and paint this picture with words, I am reminded how blessed we are to be Americans. Our country is in shambles and sparks of fear are lurking around every corner and every social media click and confusion seems to be in control of the USA. I am declaring that just as sure as spring comes after winter, God is not done with America. HE will resurrect this country just has he resurrects our land after a long hard winter.

Hope is here!

Spring is here!


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Enjoy your description and poetic prose. Makes me desire to visit.

God bless always

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