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Hey! Beth here! It has recently come to my attention that people in our small town in rural Iowa have began to call me Bison Beth. Yep. Bison Beth. A sweet woman said to me "I hope you don't take this offensively but to keep you separated from the other Beths in our area, I now call you Bison Beth!"

Of course I don't take offense. What an honor. When we started this bison journey back in 2018, I had always wanted to be looked at like a bison expert. I can confidently say I am not a bison expert, but I know enough about them to sound like an expert. I am learning more and more every day.

Now I am taking on a new task, I will be sharing my stories and "expertise" through the Bison Blogger on our website. I hope you find it fun and enjoyable. Most of all, I hope this sparks your love for our National Mammal - The American Buffalo AKA Bison!

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Yes It is.


Same I believe great neighbors no matter what you call

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